Embroidery NI Ltd., 47 Ballykine Road, Ballynahinch, Co. Down Northern Ireland BT24 8JE    Tel:028 97562562    email: sales@embroideryni.com





Q. Do you have a minimum order ?
A. No we are happy to supply any quantity from 1 - 1000+.
Q. Why do I need any design origination I have already got art work.
A. To operate an Embroidery Machine your artwork has to be converted into one of
several Embroidery Machine formats. This is a skilled job and is one of the main
elements of a high quality Embroidery.
Q. Can you originate my design for me ?
A. Yes we have many years of experience producing high quality Embroidery designs
for leading companies, sports clubs and
Q. How long will it take to deliver ?
A. Within 7/10 working days once you have approved the Embroidery design.
Q. How much does it cost to set up ?
A. Design setup fee is 15 per design.
 Email us a
JPEG image of your design and we will give you a quote.

Q. I want names of individuals on my garments can you do that ?
A. Yes, Monogramming is one of our specialist services.

Q. I only want the name of my company on my garments, do I have to pay for origination ?
A. If one of our standard fonts is suitable then we could create a design without origination costs.
Q. Can you give me any ideas for a design ?
A. Yes if required we can create design ideas based on your brief and send you artwork for approval.

Q. Can I use the design again ?
A. Yes any embroiderer could reproduce your design at any time in the future using the disk we will provide you.

Q. I already have my design on disk, can you use it ?
A. Yes if it is in any of the Embroidery formats. Tajima, Wilcom, Barudan,
Happy, ZSK, Melco
Q. I have got my own garments will you embroider them for me ?
A. Yes, we will give you a price when we see the design and garments.
Q. Do you do children's sizes ?
A. Yes most of the garments can be supplied in children's sizes